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City of Tucson

Those who engage in business activities within the City of Tucson are required to have a City of Tucson business privilege license. A business activity is defined in the Municipal Code as follows:

Business includes all activities or acts including professions, trades and occupations, personal or corporate, engaged in and caused to be engaged in with the object of gain, benefit or advantage, either direct or indirect, but not casual activities or sales.

For the purposes of the SAHBA Home Show this would include anybody who sells product or services at the event. It would also include any transaction in which a person contracts or puts down a deposit for services or product to be delivered at a later date whether within or outside the city limits. If the entity merely promotes its product or services no license is required. If you plan on taking prospects' names or making appointments, please contact us so that we can discuss with you how the Code handles such activity.

An entity with a regular City of Tucson Business Privilege License does not require any additional permit to transact business at the Home Show. Any entity that does not have a City of Tucson Business Privilege License may get one that applies solely to this event. The City charges only the application fee of $25.00 for a Special Event license. If you plan to be at more than two events within the city limits this calendar year, it might be cheaper to get a regular license for the application fee of plus $33.75, a total of $58.75. Some vendors who come to this event and the fall show and have regularly for many years have chosen to get the regular license to simplify their paperwork.

The first link is a general information link. The second link is a brochure that addresses this specifically. The third link is the application itself.


Unfortunately, although the application is on-line, it cannot be completed on-line. It can be filled out and then printed out and mailed. A person can also come to City Hall in person and complete the application. If you mail it, please note that the outside of the envelope should be marked "Special Event" so that it gets priority handling.


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