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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is included with the booth space?

A. The space comes with pipe, drape and an identification sign with the exhibitor’s company name exactly as listed on the booth contract.

Q. How do exhibitors get a table and chairs? Electricity? Phone lines or DSL?

A. Tables and chairs can be rented from Shepard Exposition Services. Electricity can be rented through Commonwealth Expo. Both of these companies are located next to the Home Show office in the Onyx Suite. Phone lines or DSL can be rented through the Tucson Convention Center at (520) 791-4101. Have booth number ready to confirm.

There absolutely is no load-in Wednesday, Apr. 5th, 2017.
This also includes working on booth displays.

Q. Are there specific days or times for booth load-in?

A. Passes are given to each exhibitor in the confirmation packet.  Each pass has the specific load-in day and time noted. Times are assigned according to booth location. Stay within designated times to ensure a fast, smooth load-in.

Q. How do exhibitors load into their booth?

A. There are directional signs located around the TCC. Exhibitors can locate their booth number; match it to the map and load-in at the nearest loading area per the map. Exhibitors MUST have load-in pass to have access to any Exhibit Hall.

Q. Do exhibitors need to check-in at the Show for booth inspection?

A. Yes, exhibitors must check-in with Home Show Management (Tables are located on the North side of the exhibit hall by exit) when booths have been set-up and are ready to be checked for compliance.

Q. What is a booth variance?

A. A booth variance is when the display exceeds 8’ in height, restricts visibility or does not comply with other basic booth guidelines. If exhibitors do not have previous approval for a variance, see Show Management as soon as possible to discuss booth set-up.

Q. Can exhibitors hang their own sign?

A. Exhibitors may display ONLY professionally created posters, banners, and signage from the back of their booth. Handwritten signage is not permitted. Try not to cover booth number.

Q. Can exhibitors use a microphone in their space?

A. Microphones and audio equipment may be used in exhibit hall & arena only. Show management must be notified at time of contract, of intended microphone use. No microphones are allowed in the ballroom.

Q. Can exhibitors have a vehicle in their space?

A. Exhibitors may have a vehicle in assigned booth as long as it complies with the guidelines per the TCC. There is a form that must be completed and displayed on the vehicle’s dash throughout the Show. Cars must be brought onto the show floor the Tuesday before the show. A set of keys to the vehicle must be left with Show Management. Please see exhibitor manual for Fire Marshall Rules & Regulations in regards to vehicles.

Q. Can exhibitors cook in assigned booth or hand out food samples?

A. Cooking and/or warming devices require a permit (see TCC permit sheet). Exhibitors may also call Home Show Management for further assistance. Food samples must be less than 1 ounce.

Q. Can exhibitors have helium balloons in the booth?

A. Helium balloons are at your own risk. There is a $250 fee, charged by TCC, per balloon if they are released. You must sign a waiver with Show Management that you understand this fee prior to using helium balloons.

Q. When can exhibitors load-out of assigned booth?

A. Similar to load-in, exhibitors will have a load-out pass with an assigned time. Exhibitors need to dismantle assigned booths and have everything ready before entering the load-out line.

Q. What is Will Call?

A. Each exhibitor has an allotted amount of complimentary tickets and badges. Will Call allows exhibitors to rotate tickets and badges among staff. Exhibitors must present exhibitor badge to enter the Show at all times. Show Staff WILL NOT issue additional complimentary badges for any reason.

Q. Is there security at the Show? If so, what days?

A. There is security at the Show starting Thursday for general load-in until the Show closes on Sunday. Show Management and the TCC are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

Q. Where do exhibitors park during show hours? Can they pay for parking?

A. SAHBA offers complimentary parking at the Mercado Lot. Exhibitor vehicles must display a parking pass/map. A shuttle is available; parking passes list shuttle times. Please leave the free parking for consumers. Everyone loses if a consumer drives away because they can’t find free parking.


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