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Exhibitor Testimonials

Kinetico Water

"The reason for my letter is I felt it necessary to make a very special comment about the SAHBA Home and Garden Show.

I have been working in the water industry for over 27 years. I personally have done hundreds of shows all over the nation.

The SAHBA show is one of the finest structured show's we do. The staff from the time we arrive to the time of departure is always very professional and helpful..

The way the customers are treated plus the way that the SAHBA team treats the vendors is far and above most other shows.

This is why Kinetico Water is and will stay a sponsor of such a well organized show. I highly recommend any other vendor to join the SAHBA show.

Great job SAHBA, we are happy to be part of your team."

Mike Mattox
General Manager

New England Leather Works

"I was up 30% from the Fall Show of 2010. A good amount of the positive move such as free parking went a long way in improving the attendance.

I did see some advertising on the street billboards and television BUT free parking was the highlight of the show."

Harry Bakshani

SAHBA Remodelers Council

“The SAHBA Home Show is the premiere consumer oriented showcase for any business marketing products and services related to the home building, home improvement, and home furnishings industries. Exhibitors are guaranteed phenomenal exposure to an audience with a declared interest in purchasing such products and services. It has been a huge factor in establishing our name in the local market, as it has been for so many others. It's a Show not to be missed.”

Greg Miedema

Casas Adobes American Legion Auxiliary

“Casas Adobes American Legion Auxiliary, Unit #73 hs been indebted to,very appreciative of and grateful for the many SAHBA Shows we've been privileged to be part of over several years.”

Karen Borth

AdVision Outdoor

“Our company on a personal and business level, has worked with the SAHBA Home Shows over the past few years. As an advertising partner, we have found the SAHBA organization to be professional, a strong partner and supportive of the community. The integrity of SAHBA is valued by consumers, contractors and the community overall. I highly recommend working with the Southern Arizona Home Builders Association as they provide credibility to any member.”

Leslie Holmes

State Farm Insurance

“The Southern Arizona Home Builders Association's Home Show is one of the best in the southwestern United States. There are many vendors who do a great job of displaying their products and services. I would recommend the SAHBA Show to everyone. Also Lizzette does a super marketing job of putting it together.”

Dale Fry

Tucson Convention Center

“The Southern Arizona Home Builders Association two annual Home Shows are simply the best in Southern Arizona. I have worked with home shows in three other markets and can say without reservation that the SAHBA Shows are first class opportunities for vendors and attendees alike.”

Rich Singer

John P. Bell Family Foundation

“SAHBA Home Show! Thank you for hosting one of the best events in the community that combines family, friends, business and work. Team Lizzie Bell (TLB) appreciated the work SAHBA did to make this weekend event a wonderful a breeze to set up - your maps, systems and flow chart helped us greatly to set up with ease - and a pleasure to work, our booth, location at the show and advertising were done with expertise and care. We highly recommend Businesses to take advantage of this effort! Twice a year each of us has a chance to showcase our organizational efforts to the community. In a cool, clean and very well attended public event, no one should miss the SAHBA Home Show.”

Kathy Flores-Bell

BolchalkFReY Marketing

The Sahba Home Show is a must for any local company that needs to attract new customers and gain more business.”

Katrina Noble

Jeff Bassett

“SAHBA has always been impeccably professional and I would highly recommend their home show to any business owner that is trying to showcase their goods and services to Arizona Homeowners that are actively looking to buy.” 

Jeff Bassett


“The Southern Arizona Home Show is a great resource for all builders, vendors, contractors, suppliers and buyers. It provides a wonderful array of information for every attendee.”

Justin Richison

Aragon Chiropractic

“I have participated in the Sahba Home Show for over ten years and they are always the most well run home shows that I have been in.”

Dr. Richard Aragon

Neighborhood Naturals

“I exhibited at the SAHBA Home Show numerous times over the last 15 years and it was always profitable and very professionally done.”

Mage Lee

Kaneen Advertising

“During my time at SAHBA (and before and after), the SAHBA Home Show is a premier Home and Garden, Home and Patio expo where exhibitors come to promote their businesses and gain new contacts as well as give some great deals to the consumer. Consumers are able to do one stop shopping for their homes as well as find gifts for others, learn home hints from the various on site features and have an enjoyable time with music, food and fun……. I would HIGHLY recommend exhibiting in the Show, even in this down economy. What better way to reach THOUSANDS in one place than to reserve a booth with other like minded folks.”

Lisa Schroers

Skyline Printing Company, Inc.

“I believe the SAHBA Home Show delivers the best bang for the buck. I would recommend SAHBA to anyone in the business of making peoples homes better.”

Brian Done

Sun-Cal Products

“Our company has participated in the Sahba Home Show for many years and during her tenure at the show, we have experienced a very pleasant atmosphere for booking and following up on show details etc.”

Paul Moses

Charlie Yamashita

“We have participated in the SAHBA Home Show twice per year for the past 14 years. Each show has produced great sales results for us! We look forward to doing this show as we know that our return on investment will be successful!”

Charlie Yamashita

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